December 18, 2017

The Stockbrokers Nominated in Belgium

The title of stockbroker is the recognition of superior knowledge in financial investment. The stockbroker nominated in Belgium defends serious values, ethic and professionalism. They put their quality of advice and trust of the client in the base of their mission. They will do everything to be a reference with a quality label as guide and administrator in investments. They are fully aware of the importance of their title and wear it with great pride and joy. The council of recognition has the ability to follow up a stockbroker to measure his honesty and reliability on a long term.

Where can you find those stockbrokers?

The stockbrokers are mostly active in stockbroker companies, banks or other financial institutions. The list of every stockbroker is available to download on this page. You will find their name, surname, date of appointment and address.

Download the list of active stockbrokers

Download the list of honorary stockbrokers

Download the list of stockbrokers on career break