December 18, 2017

A Title Worth Billions

It seems a long time ago that they were noting the quotations on the blackboards with chalk. With exception of the American stock exchange is the (central situated sites inside the stock exchange where the stockbrokers close their deals) empty.

Today, most of the brokers close their deals via informatics. The stockbroker has adapted to the necessary changes that have been made to the world of stock exchange as well as every other economic, technologic or legal change. The stockbroker nowadays is split up in sorts of “costumes” whereas the shared points; deontology, professionalism and respect for the client are most important. You can find stockbrokers in a stockbroker compagny, banks and other financial institutions. The stockbroker also takes commercial positions as investment advisor or operational positions (e.g. asset manager). The advantage that a stockbroker gives is his competence and ethical mindset.

The title of stockbroker is rewarded by hard work and presents a certainty towards the client of financial techniques that makes him superior. Although this title has a high value, losing it by making a fatal mistake will ruin his carrier. It is not surprising that the stockbroker leads at the top backed up by his quality and honesty of his financial advice.

Job Description

A stockbroker is a specialist in financial transactions. He buys or sells active, shares, secured loans, foreign exchange … He is in direct contact with all the fluctuations on the global markets where he analyzes the evolutions and the risks to build a valid strategic plan for investment. He has to be capable to analyze a big portion of variables and make fast and thorough decisions. This activity requires a fast learning curve and leads to a vast, professional vision on long term.

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