February 19, 2018

Stockbroker: a job or a title?

Financial markets have evolved considerably over the past 20 years: computerization, stock exchange mergers, globalization, … The stockbroker has adapted to these changes by changing his job in a range of talents. If he lost his exclusive authority to act on the stock markets, he has preserved the values inherited from a rich past: professional competence, experience, professionalism and, a good repute.

Being a stockbroker is now a title worn with pride by experts active in many workings of financial markets. This coveted title is acquired only after thorough examinations and several years of field experience. Is the price to pay to be part of the happy few representing an exclusive quality label in the world of finance.

The Future Belongs to You

Earning the prestigious stockbroker title is your key to open multiple perspectives for your future, or redirect your career to positions of responsibility, stable and profitable. By becoming a stockbroker you gain all the skills to become a master of financial management.

Joël Duysan, chairman of Recognition Council of Stockbrokers

Joël Duysan, chairman of Recognition Council of Stockbrokers